Friday, July 25, 2014

Cry With Us

 This is a season of weeping and mourning but it is not void of hope. 
Our tears are the bridge between brutality and humanity; 
Our tears are the salty gates for seeing a different reality; 
Our tears are facing soulless nations and a parched mentality; 
Our tears are the dam preventing rivers of animosity; 

For the sake of the mourning men cry with us to reflect your amity;
 For the sake of the poor children cry with us demanding sanity;
 For the sake of lamenting mothers refuse violence and stupidity;
 Love your enemies and cry with them is the advice of divinity;
 Blessing those who curse is the path to genuine spirituality;

 Pouring tears of mercy and compassion is true piety;
 Pray with tears for the sake of spreading equity;
 Followers of Jesus: crying is now our responsibility;
 But don’t cry for your friends only but also for your Enemy.

A Prayer in the midst of the Israelie-Palestanian conflict by Dr. Yonanna Katanacho
(academic Dean, Bethlehem Bible College)

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