Friday, August 3, 2012

Where Is GOD?

I cry aloud to GOD, aloud to GOD, and he will hear me. In the day of my trouble I seek the LORD; in the night my hand is stretched out without wearying; my soul refuses to be comforted…Has his steadfast love forever ceased?
 Are his promises at an end for all time? Has GOD forgotten to be gracious?
 Has he in anger shut up his compassion?”… Then I said… I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your wonders of old. I will ponder all your work, and meditate on your mighty deeds. Your way, O GOD, is holy. What god is great like our GOD? (Psalm 77:1-2, 8-9, 10-13)

FEW WEEKS AGO, A FRIEND ASKED ME  a provocative question as he was struggling to make sense of an unexpected loss. In his devastation, he exclaimed, “Sam, where is GOD in all this?” This was not a new or a unique question to me. Different people in varying circumstances have asked me this question. When we deal with anxiety, suffering, pain, loss, failure or loneliness questions like “Why me?” “Where is GOD?” and “What am I going to do now?” are inevitable. In fact, I catch myself asking one of these questions when my mind gets clouded with grief, when I sulk in my loneliness, when I think of my failures, when I compare myself with others or when I lack a sense of purpose.

In psalm 77 we see the Psalmist asking a similar question, something like, “Where is GOD in my life now?” He is frustrated that GOD was active in his life in the past, but is absent in the present. Did GOD change? Did GOD abandon him? Did GOD break His promises? All these questions caused fear and concern. The psalmist, although he was honest with his various questions and doubts, did not choose to continue to dwell in them. He moved from feeling sorry for Himself to reflect on who GOD is and how He works. As a result, he is reminded of GOD’s unchanging active presence. He realizes that GOD does not change. GOD does not abandon those whom He loves. GOD does not break his promises. He is reminded that the same GOD who worked in mighty ways in the past to redeem his people is also working at the present in calm, tender, and loving ways.
DO YOU FEEL LIKE GOD WAS VERY CLOSE  and active in your life in the past, but is distant and inactive today? When trouble, distress and loss chokes us and clouds our mind, it is not always easy to remember the works of our GOD and acknowledge His active comforting presence in our life. May we remember that our GOD is holy. He is unlike any other. He is loving and caring and He stays with us and walks with us through all that life throws at us. We, like the psalmist, need to direct our doubts and questions to GOD. But, may we never stop there. May we remind ourselves of GOD’s awesome works, His trustworthy character, His active presence and His unwavering faithfulness. So, friends when your heart is troubled, be assured that our GOD is with us, through thick and thin, for the long haul.

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