Friday, January 28, 2011

How Well Have You Grasped The Gospel?


I know these are tough questions to ask yourself but honest answers to these questions will tell you how well you grasp the Gospel and how qualified you are to lead GOD's church.

Do you rejoice in position, power, accomplishments, entitlement, control, degrees, knowledge, status, authority, numbers, and rank?

Or do you rejoice in service, mercy, sacrifice, pastoral care, love, prayer, prudence, grace, relationships, and repentance? Are you proud or humble?

Do you put others before yourself?

Do you find your daily security and significance in your own accomplishments or in Christ’s accomplishment for you?

Do you seek first place or last place?

Do you boast on yourself or on Christ?

Do you talk about yourself a lot?

Are you prone to envy and do you get defensive easily?

Do you weep with those who weep?

Do you love people and look for opportunities to serve and shepherd them?

Do you revel in self-confidence or self-sacrifice?

Do you have people in your life that you confess specific instances of sin?

Do the people in your life find it easy to correct you?

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