Monday, July 26, 2010

A Prayer for Micah's Family

Micah Hezekiah Williams July 15, 2010

GOD of Grace,
You alone are our refuge, our strength and our comfort;
You alone see our tears and hear our thoughts;
Thank you for your grace that covers us, sustains us and keeps our knees from buckling down during difficult times like these.

GOD of Life,
You alone enable us to live, move and have our being;
You alone can speak into our darkness and breathe new hope;
Thank you for not only creating life, but also life everlasting.

GOD of Comfort,
You alone can understand the pain of Micah’s absence from our midst;
You alone can continue to remind us that He is forever present in your hands;
Thank you for your comfort and peace that transcends all our understanding.

As we continue to experience your healing and comfort in this journey of life,would you continue to teach us to hope in the day to come when we will see you face to face and in your presence Micah’s adorable gaze.


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