Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Totally Graced Out

You and I are GRACED by GOD.

We are graced in the morning, graced in the noon time, graced in the evening and graced at night. We are being graced left, right and centre. We were graced in the past, are graced in the present and will be graced in the future. The truth is that we are totally 'Graced Out.'

It is the Grace of GOD
that helps us to come before GOD
with confidence in our hearts.
All our deeds, including what we have done or have not done for GOD and to one another
does not dictate GOD's acceptance of us.

We get to be in relationship with GOD
not because of
our sincerity,
our morality,
our genealogy
or our genorisity.
But, by the grace of GOD alone.

It is the GOD of Grace
Jesus Christ, who came to us and gave His life for us
even while we were sinners, indifferent and helpless.
'Salvation' is not a result of good things we’ve done, It is a gift.
We can’t earn it or take credit for it, we just receive what GOD has done, in faith.

Saved people get to do good works
because of the graciousness of
GOD's presence
GOD's strength
GOD's mercy
and GOD's love.
Only in and through the GOD of grace alone.

Dear, GOD of grace,
May we always acknowledge your grace that awakens us to your love, enables us to love others and sustains us in that love.
None of us can boast or take credit
for what you have done or continue to do-
for us, in us and through us.

By your grace, oh GOD, may we extend
the same unmerited favor, love and mercy
we have received from you
to our neighbors.

Ephesians 2:8-10

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