Monday, October 6, 2008

I do

Where would you rather be? At a friend's actual wedding Service or the reception that follows? Both are good and fun to be at.

I personally like the wedding service.

Wedding is God's idea. Every time I witness the celebration of a wedding, specifically when a man and a woman start their life together as a couple in the presence of God and people, I come out feeling blessed and happy.

Weddings are also a time when I am interrogated by some people. Statements like, "You are next, right?" "You are not growing any younger," "What kind of girl are you looking for?" or "You need to get married soon" can sometimes be frustrating to respond to, no matter how well meaning the person who asks the question intends to be.

As much as it gets tiring and frustrating to answer the same set of questions to each person, I don't loose my sleep over them. Mainly because I believe that my times are in God's hand and in His timing and by His grace all things will unfold. Worrying will not make things happen soon. In fact, it never helps in any way.

Last Friday, I was at a wedding. It was beautiful and sacred. God was acknowledged and His presence was obvious. It was awesome to see the excitement and love in the couple as they started their life together with God in the center of their relationship. On the other hand, it was tiring as I responded to people with their questions and concerns about my wedding.

In the midst of the celebration and the frustration I experienced, the phrase "I do" resonated with me. "I do" is one of the most misused phrase in weddings. People say it in their wedding vows all the time, but fail to live it out as days go by.

Why do you think people quit in relationships? I think it's because they base their love for the other on their feelings. One day its there and the next its completely gone. It's sad to see that a love that started with so many promises ending up with heartaches and regrets. It is important to remember that feelings are only one aspect of love and are not the know all and end all of love.

The pastor pointed out in his sermon, "The vows take few minutes to say, but a life time to live it." He reminded the couple and all of us who were listening that human love is conditional and selfish. On the contrary, God's love, which is agape[greek word for God's love] love is unconditional and giving.

As Christians, when we live in a relationship with God, His love fills us and spills out in our words and actions, refreshing the lives of others, bringing them warmth and comfort.

With Christ in our lives we become aware that love is not just a feeling, but it is a commitment. Love is not selfish, but it is sacrificial. In other words, when we say "I do" as Christians we are called to follow through with it even when we don't feel like it.

The truth is that our "I do's" are often taken for granted and easily forgotten. As I partook in the celebration, I was convicted and challenged in my love for others.

May God, who is love, revive our love for Him, for our self and for others. May God help us to live selflessly and sacrificially. May all our "I do's" be followed through with commitment and not waver with our feelings. May we exercise our trust and confidence in God every time someone asks us the "why?" and "when?" questions of life.

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samuel said...

yo man, just like the questions, people are concerned about you and want you married off!